Sunday, 1 March 2015

My new studio - the full story so far by Jane Foster

For those of you that follow my blog and Facebook, you'll know that I've had a rather hectic 6 months! To cut a long story short, our dream was to one day build our own garden studio at home. The only snag was that we didn't have a proper outside adequate space to build anything so around a year ago we made the brave decision to look into moving to a different house that had enough outside space to build our dream studio. We considered hundreds of properties and in the end downsized to a smaller 60s house in a completely new area in order to finance building a studio in our garden.

We planned the studio months in advance, doing all the re-search, costings, maths etc... and a month after we moved to our 60s house, my partner Jim started work on realising our dream! This was last October when the weather couldn't have been worse. We had to buy our own scaffolding in the end and make a waterproof tower around the build so things wouldn't get wet. Jim had to frequently push puddles of water off the top of the waterproof roof which kept filling up. We had an extra pair of hands for 5 weeks as erecting our own scaffolding was a 2 man job and the timber also weighed a ton! Prior to this, Jim hired his own mini digger, (he had to make a ramp for it to get up the stairs of our side access!) in order to dig down to allow for more height according to the permitted development regs (and not to be higher than the back fence). The excess earth turned into mounds of earth that we later turfed!

The studio has been built from SIPS (sealed insulated panels 150mm) and then has been lined with foil backed plasterboard. Jim has done everything including the electrics, plumbing and heating. We've yet to clad the building in Siberian Larch  - we're waiting for better weather! I hope you enjoy the photos! Am very proud of what my partner has achieved. I'll now be able to screen print, sew and draw in one large space. Hooray!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My picture domino obsession - Jane Foster

I've an obsession with vintage picture dominoes - here are a few snap shots of just a few examples I have in my vast collection and what I've done with some of them. They date from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I've included a few projects in my latest book Creative Craft With Kids available here. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Jane Foster's New Musical Toys - free giveaway!

My background was in music so I thought it would be fun to design a few musical cats and dogs! Perfect for little ones to pop onto the piano stand or into a violin case!
I shall be giving away two of these toys to two lucky blog readers (or Facebook fans!) - all you need to do to enter is to leave me a comment below as to who would like one and why? (Oh, and also, which one? Treble Clef cat or Piano dog!) These are also available here.

Monday, 12 January 2015

New Scandinavian Toy Lions by Jane Foster

Am determined to create some more toys this year! Here are my new toy lions  -  you can see that these start off from ink drawings which are then exposed onto a silk screen for screen printing onto fabric.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My new book - Creative Craft With Kids - Jane Foster

I'm excited to announce that I've just received copies of my new book 'Creative Craft With Kids'  (published by Pavilion Books) hot off the press.

I really enjoyed working on this book as it focuses on crafts to make for and with children. I had lots of little helpers taking part and loved what they produced. There are 15 projects in total  -  projects using fabric and paper. There are lots of visually pleasing photos (by Rachel Whiting) and great step by step illustrations (by Kate Sutton). The book has a strong board cover and fabric spine, similar to my first book Fun With Fabric.

The book will be available to buy on Amazon but I have a limited number of exclusive pre-publication copies which are available to buy now direct from my webshop here or my Etsy site here. Each copy is signed and I am also giving away with each one a set of three limited edition postcards for children (or adults!) to colour in which feature the character Poppy on the front of the book. She appears throughout the book offering little helpful hints or playing with her pet sausage dog Pom Pom.

A huge thank you to my wonderful literary agent Claudia Kennerley from (Palazzo) who has been instrumental in securing this three book deal. (Fun With Fabric, Creative Craft with Kids and ........)

I so hope that you'll enjoy the book and that it will provide some much needed fun for you and your children, particularly on these bleak Winter days! I would absolutely love to see any projects you create from the book so please do Tweet them!